Reducir ping lol ph

Once you have found “lol.launcher” click on all of them and enable rule.

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now you will see your ping time to the euw server. for eune use this ip: for na use this ip:

Server by ranked population 2020 vs. 2018 : leagueoflegends

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Cómo jugar League of Legends servidor Filipinas fuera de .

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Start -> Run.. 2. Type cmd and click Ok. 3. Type the following: ping 4. Press Enter. Take a screenshot of this and post it in the LoL Fanpage. If you compared the ping on both connections, fiber would have the lowest ping every time.

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Guys, what ping reducer are you using now? I am looking for a ping reducer that does not have any time limit. But here in PH e.e Seems, nothing happened lol. Everyone exeprienced unstable ping. Check your MS before starting League of Legends and never again get lags! Because of these reasons, checking League of Legends ping test is very crucial for both amateur and pro players.